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Ditch the courthouse and way too expensive wedding venue, and have the wedding of your dreams!

We truly believe that having a small intimate wedding ceremony is the best way to get married!

Elopement and Intimate Wedding Venue in Orlando Florida


'Til Death Chapel Winter Park Florida
'Til Death Wedding Chapel

The 'Til Death chapel space is a unique and contemporary setting designed to cater to intimate wedding ceremonies. The ceremony room is characterized by its all-black color scheme, creating a sense of elegance and sophistication. The monochromatic environment provides a sleek and modern aesthetic, allowing the focus to be on the couple or event taking place or custom decorations can be added to create any vibe. 

With a capacity to accommodate up to 20 guests, the chapel offers an intimate atmosphere for small gatherings. The limited guest count ensures an exclusive and personal experience for those in attendance. The space is thoughtfully designed to provide ample room for guests to comfortably witness the ceremony while maintaining an intimate ambiance.

In addition to the black backdrop, the 'Til Death chapel space offers an optional stage, providing an elevated platform for the couple or speakers. The stage can be customized to suit the event's theme or preferences, allowing for various decorative elements or floral arrangements to enhance the overall aesthetic. The optional stage adds a focal point to the room and ensures that the couple or individuals at the forefront of the event feel appropriately showcased.

Overall, the 'Til Death chapel space is a visually striking and intimate setting for small gatherings. Its all-black color scheme, coupled with the optional stage and backdrop, creates a contemporary and elegant environment, perfectly suited for alternative couples. 


Tattooed Bride Photography


The owner of 'Til Death Chapel is also the owner of The Tattooed Bride Photography.  Photography is included with every package! Every thought put into the chapel was created to get amazing photos! Photos not at the chapel can be added.

'Til Death Chapel Orlando


Say "I do" in our all black ceremony room.  Hair, makeup, and getting dressed can be done in our getting ready room with black velvet seats and moody floral murals.  Grab a toast from the champagne bar.  There is even a tile shower in the bathroom if needed!

Til Death Pricing Sheet.JPG


The creators and owners of 'Til Death chapel also own, Golden Tarot Ink Club, just a few steps away from the chapel in the plaza.

Giving you (and guests) the optional opportunity to be tattooed together until death do you part! 

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